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Real Estate

1)  Mortgage rates have dropped again (providing you an amazing opportunity)
2)  Home prices continue to rise, capitalize on your investment now and sell
3)  More purchasing power-  if you need to sell your home in order to buy, selling now will yield stronger options
4)  Competition -  Move now and avoid the crazy summer buying season
5)  Summer is coming- This is the busiest time of year to sell - f you're selling your home, you'll have more to compete against
6)  Time is on your side at the moment. Markets/rates can change quickly and no one can time the market. 

We are in an unprecedent time, thanks to COVID. Although the data looks good today, our economic landscape can change, due to unknown factors that play an important role in the predictability equation. I have been a realtor for 16 years. If I had 1 dollar for every time I heard, "I wished I wouldn't have waited," I'd be on the "U - S - S Set For Life ship." Ok, maybe not, but close enough. Cheers to the "smart cookies" who have worked with me before and called me last week!