5 Ways To Improve Curb Appeal

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If you're looking to sale your home, here are 5 ways to appeal to buyers:

1) Improve the entrance to the home. We only have 1 opportunity for a 1st impression. If the door needs replacing/repainting do it. The front entrance sets the tone for the entire showing.

2) Spruce up your landscaping - No matter what your budget is, you can add a few plants/flowers to set an energized, vibrant setting to welcome your "looky loos," AKA buyers!

3) Shine Bright - Open your windows and turn on those lights. This sets the tone for a cheery and healthy home environment.

4) Clean up - Make sure your front porch spider webs are gone, you have a new welcome mat and your baseboards are freshly painted. It's often the little details that you think go unnoticed, but don't!

5) De-Clutter/ Use Less decor - Builders know this rule and less items appeal to buyers. If you have too much decor/personal items, it can be difficult for the buyer to imagine their personal touch in your home. De-Cluttering will also add to your space. Additionally, you'll be happier on moving day, with less stuff to pack ("hoo-ray!").