3 Ways To Sell Your Home In A Shifting Market ...

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There's no need to bury your head in the sand, if the market may be shifting and you need to sell your home. Here are your options and some helpful information:

1)  Hire an iBuyer company. However, a word of caution, speak with others who have done this. The end result is (on average) 7-13% higher cost/reduced net profit compared to a sale through a realtor. They generally are priced well below FMV (fair market value) in order to sell quickly and for the company to relist and gain a profit. Their initial cost is low, but there is a non-negotiated cost, once you have an offer and the inspection occurs. Additionally, there are "service fees," which can be considerable.

2)  You can sell the home yourself. People often attempt this in order to save money, but they cannot attract a large buying pool, as a real estate professional. Therefore, it may take longer and sellers tend to settle for a lower cost. Additionally, negotiating the repairs can be challenging. Often times, money is left on the table.

3)  Hire a realtor professional. When selling your largest asset, dealing with the following can prove to be challenging and loss of time is never good: pricing, marketing, market knowledge (is the market shifting, what are buyers expecting), foreseeable and avoidable mistakes, title work, qualified buyers, inspections, appraisals, safety when showing your home, your time, etc. The pros far outweigh the cons when consulting with an experienced/knowledgeable realtor.